Famous Moto GP Riders

Every person has its own talent and ability creating their way to be known in the whole world. We also have our own perspective in life that makes us all different with one another. One of it is engaging in sports. All of us has its own favorite sports that we really want to be good at it. Sports in racing is one of the amazing sport that everyone wants but its hard. This time, let us give a heads up to the famous Moto GP Riders in the whole world.

Dani Perdrosa. He is from Sabadell Spain. A 30 year old man that is famous for his consistent won in this sport. He has a 50 career victories and 45 pole positions in the free world championship.

Marc Marquez.  He is known more naturally for being gifted in this sport. At the age of 23 he is very successful in this sport field for winning 58 pole positions and 4 World Championships.

Jorge Lorenzo. He is known as the top class performer having not dropped out of the top three since he was a rookie in this field of sport.

Casey Stoner. He wins the infamous cicchetti , the only person who have ever fully maximized the four stroke era performance which is a unique and a very special talent that power slide the bike that no one had ever seen it before. He won 2 World MotoGp Championship in the year 2007.

Valentino Rossi.  He is very famous in the whole world. When you think about bike you think of Valentino. He is the iconic European rider in this field of racing sport. His records are out of radius that you will be amazed.