Top 7 Fastest Superbikes in the Whole World

CBR 1000RR.  Manufactured by Honda Motor Company and it is known as the fireblade sportsbike that is lighter and faster to use.

Ninja ZX-14 R. Produced by Kawasaki and this is an ultra powerful ninja fast speed that makes it more incredible and stunning body class that makes it one of the top in the market.

Yamaha R1. A super sport motorcycle produced by Yamaha and has its high-tech electronics and materials made of. Good choice for most riders.

BMW S1000RR.  Manufactured by BMW company and is known as the epitome of superbike that has the top class when it comes to its design and equipment used to produce this amazing superbike. This superbike is perfectly balance and genuine in its parts.

Suzuki Hayabusa. Produced by Suzuki Corporation, a smooth ride but has a great acceleration, light and fast stability of its tires and gears that makes an amazing sweeping turns of this superbike. It keeps riders to feel comfortabloe riding it in the way they want it to be. One of the riders choice.

Ducati 1299R. Manufactured by Ducati Superbike Corporation and is one of the favorite superbike of most riders because of its unique design and materials that is made of aluminum. It is also a superfast and has a light stability that speed up the superbike into an amazing acceleration.

Ninja H2R. Produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries and it is known as the best sportbike because of its  Ninja style speed. Commonly popular for most of the famous riders in the whole world and the number one choice.